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Convocatoria EUROPA CREATIVA Plazo: 28/01/2016 Subprograma Media. Convocatoria de propuestas EACEA/15/2015: Acceso a mercados

What is it for ?

  • To facilitate Business to Business exchanges
  • To improve the European/International dimension and effectiveness of existing large industry markets and to increase the systemic impact of smaller initiatives
  • To increase visibility of professional and audio-visual works from EU countries with a low production capacity
  • To increase the number of EU co-productions and the diversification of talents and sources of financing
  • To improve the competitiveness and circulation of EU audio-visual works on international markets.

Activities falling under at least one of the following categories:

  • Access to physical markets for European professionals in and outside the countries participating in the MEDIA sub-Programme
  • Online tools for professionals
    • Creation and Development of a database of EU programmes and/or professionals of the A/V industry intended for professionals
    • Creation and Development of tools in the audio-visual and/or cinema industry for professionals.

VOD and digital cinema distribution platforms, digitisation of audiovisual works are excluded.

  • Common European promotional activities
    • Implementation of common promotional activities organised by pan-European networks or organizations representing at least 15 countries participating in the MEDIA sub programme
    • Setting up promotional activities and platforms to create innovative ways of distributing/releasing EU A/V and cinematographic works, and encouraging networking and exchange of information between professionals. These activities shall be organised by a group of at least 3 different entities from 3 different countries participating in the MEDIA sub programme

For the full details about the eligible actions, please refer to section 5 of the Guidelines

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