Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Búsquedas de Socios

Partner search for a national research project of the Technology Agency – Delta 2 -concerning monitoring of beehives

Update: 2020-06-30 – Deadline: 2020-10-20

A Czech hardware and software supplier is looking for a project partner preferably from Israel, having experience with beehive monitoring technologies or Internet of Things solutions. The proposed project submitted in the framework od the national call Delta 2 will be devided into 2 years. The first year fine tuning and distributing hardware, second year data gathering and extensive study in the Czech Republic and Israel. The type of the co-operation will be research co-operation agreement.

Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Demandas

Start-up companies sought to provide a solution for recording the level of condensate separators in a gas network

Update: 2020-06-25 – Deadline: 2020-08-25

A German smart city datahub company is looking for a partner with sensor technology to record the level of underground condensate separators in a gas network and to transmit the data via LoRaWAN to an existing platform. As this technology request refers to an innovation challenge for start-up companies published on an open innovation platform, only start-ups are sought for technical cooperation agreements.

Start-up companies from the IT sector are sought to implement the optimization and automation of conspicuity analysis at discharge sections of rainwater treatment plants

Update: 2020-06-26 – Deadline: 2020-08-21

The largest German wastewater disposal company and operator of sewage treatment plants is looking for a solution in the area of image recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the conspicuity analysis on discharge sections of rainwater treatment plants and to optimise processes. As this technology request refers to an innovation challenge for start-up companies, only start-ups are sought for technical cooperation agreements.

Dutch SME is looking for partners with knowledge of portable Radio Frequency electronics to improve their device to assess the shelf life quality and contaminants in fruits and vegetables

Update: 2020-06-30 – Deadline: 2021-07-01

A Dutch SME has a portable highly sensitive, user-friendly and real time food screening instrument based on mass spectrometry, which is integrated with block chain. The mission of the entrepreneur is to create a rapid on-site testing system and create a positive impact on food safety and waste reduction. For this, the SME is looking for partners with knowledge of Radio-Frequency Engineering. The cooperation type proposed is a technical cooperation agreement.

A Brussels-based, UN-founded association looking for social enterprises for social field work and capacity enhancing

Update: 2020-06-30 – Deadline: 2021-07-01

A Brussels-based international NGO is looking for partners with technological capabilities to apply their advocacy and academic knowledge in field situations. These cooperations in hardware, software and technical and human expertise will enable the NGO and its partners to provide better field services to its members and beneficiaries, most of whom are women from disadvantageous backgrounds. Partners are being sought for a services agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Ofertas

Modular visibility and network access control solution

Update: 2020-06-29 – Deadline: 2021-06-24

Spanish security software solutions vendor has developed a modular visibility and access control solution for corporate networks (Next Generation Network Access Control). This innovative solution with a modular approach enables organizations to visualize all devices connected to the network, achieving implementation in quicker time frames and reducing the impact on productive environments during deployment. The company is looking for partners to offer the technology as a product or a service.

Social robot with human interaction capacity to increase the visibility of companies during events (fair, congress, workshop …)

Update: 2020-07-01 – Deadline: 2021-07-02

A Spanish technology center is offering its robotics technology knowledge and equipment to companies interested in further development of the technology or increasing their events visibility. They have developed a small humanoid robot with interaction capacity based in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Partnerships sought are technical cooperation or research cooperation agreements with any type of organisation with expertise in the field of robotics.

ICT messaging platform in English and Swedish, following legal and security requirements, for a digital link between caregivers and patients

Update: 2020-07-01 – Deadline: 2020-10-10

A Swedish SME has developed a stand-alone platform for asynchronous communication in English and Swedish. The application is successfully established in Swedish healthcare, fulfilling the requirements for simple used digital communication, developing traditional physical health care. The solution can also be easily adapted for other potential business fields. The Swedish SME is primarily offering a license agreement with a sale of the software rights/messaging platform.

The development and production of high value high-end opto-mechatronic modules for the semiconductor industry

Update: 2020-06-26 – Deadline: 2021-06-27

A Dutch SME develops and produces precision opto-mechanical modules for alignment, measurement and control, guidance and high precision parts for the semiconductor industry. Most important innovation is their expertise in co-developing and producing the optical modules, software included. The SME is interested in manufacturing agreements with technical assistance for transferring the know-how and technology to a main supplier or original equipment manufacturer in the semiconductor industry.

A German IT-company specialized on data management for master data and operational transaction data is looking for commercial partners

Update: 2020-06-23 – Deadline: 2021-06-24

A German IT-company developed a data management platform for merging master data (e.g. customer data) and operational transaction data from any silo systems (interoperability or EU data protection / GDPR) with support of artificial intelligence and record linkage algorithms. The company is looking for system integrators, value added resellers (VAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with own customers as partners under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A novel liquid crystal microlens array with tunable capacity

Update: 2020-06-23 – Deadline: 2021-06-24

A Spanish university has developed a novel device that consists of a micrometric structure formed by the action of several intertwined electrode combs. The shape and the focal point of the microlenses are tunable by means of the individual voltage control of each comb. It has been designed for autostereoscopic and plenoptic capture systems. In order to further develop this technology, the university is looking for partners to work under technical cooperation, license or financial agreement.

Power over fiber technology for energy transmission in extreme environments for its application in wind farms or power plants

Update: 2020-06-23 – Deadline: 2021-06-24

A Spanish University has developed a new smart energy technology: a power-over-fiber system based on optical fibers for data transmission and remote powering. Insensitive to high magnetic fields, it’s ideal in extreme areas with high electromagnetic interferences or lightning protection. The University is seeking companies manufacturing wind turbines or monitoring power plants to develop a prototype adapted to their needs under financial or technical cooperation agreement.

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Oportunidades de cooperación empresarial: Ofertas

Russian manufacturer of auto parts is looking for foreign distributors.

Update: 2020-06-30 – Deadline: 2021-07-01

A Russian company is engaged in the production of automotive parts (levers, stamping, front pillar, supports intercessor gaskets, etc). The company is looking for foreign partners from the automotive industry to conclude a distribution services agreement.

E-health litter box to improve the lifespan of cats in good health is offered under commercial agency agreement

Update: 2020-06-26 – Deadline: 2021-06-27

A French SME developed a complete e-health litter box for cats which allows to detect and follow the health of the animals (pets) at home. Biotrackers included deliver several parameters which allow to detect and follow diseases as diabetes, kidney failure, liver problems etc. The company is looking for partners and offers commercial agency agreements.

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