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Boletín de Oportunidades de Cooperación: Bioeconomía – 9/7/2020

9 julio, 2020

Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Búsquedas de Socios

Eurostars: Swiss SME is seeking partner with experience in the field of medical devices, digital diagnostics, health software / app development, complimentary products for a fatigue digital diagnostics development project.

Update: 2020-07-08 - Deadline: 2020-08-07

Monitoring levels of fatigue is an unmet clinical need. Current use of questionnaires is subjective and difficult to implement. A Swiss SME seeks to implement its digital diagnostic tools in health care either through its own digital platform or together with other health related platforms (preferably with a mobile module). To apply for Eurostars the SME is seeking partners with expertise in medical technology, digital diagnostics, health software / apps development for research cooperation.

Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Demandas

Spanish technology center looks for biodegradable expandable beads suppliers for biodegradable expanded foams to be used in the industry of packaging.

Update: 2020-07-08 - Deadline: 2021-07-09

A Spanish technology research centre specialised in plastics, composites, polymer blends, and polymer materials for packaging is looking for novel commercial biobased and biodegradable polymers. The technology centre is looking for bio-based alternatives to adapt to current expanded polystyrene packaging under commercial agreement with technical assistance. If they do not find the commercial solution they consider a future development under research or technical cooperation agreement.

Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Ofertas

Novel luminescent probes of lanthanide complexes for sensing of biomolecules

Update: 2020-07-08 - Deadline: 2021-07-04

A research institution and a university from Spain have developed a new family of antenna chromophores able to sensitize effectively luminescence of lanthanides to be applied as labelling probes for biomolecules. Industrial partners specialized in probes for biological research are being sought for patent licensing and/or research collaboration.

Nanostructures for energy and biomedical applications

Update: 2020-07-06 - Deadline: 2021-07-07

A research group from Spain working on physical chemistry has developed nanotechnology solutions applied to different fields, including photovoltaic devices and biomedical applications, achieving enhanced performance and superior flexibility in the design. They are interested in collaborating with public and private companies with expertise in the nanotechnology field under license, financial and research cooperation agreement.

Assessing the degree of authenticity of natural flavourings

Update: 2020-07-06 - Deadline: 2021-07-07

The Slovenian public research organization has developed a new system for authenticity assessment of natural flavourings. This system is based on the analysis of specific compounds and their stable carbon isotope composition. The measurement data are analysed by machine-learning algorithms to characterise the authenticity of natural vs. artificial flavourings. Partners are sought among food and aroma industry for technical and research cooperation agreements.

Portuguese SME offers its technology of pressure monitoring through pressure sensors. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is offered.

Update: 2020-07-08 - Deadline: 2021-07-09

Portuguese SME specialized in the rehabilitation and physiotherapy areas through design and development of medical devices and other fields such as robotics, wearable devices, and biomedical products is looking for manufacturers of medical devices. The SME intends to offer its technology of pressure monitoring through pressure sensors under cooperation through commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Oportunidades de cooperación empresarial: Demandas

Oportunidades de cooperación empresarial: Ofertas

French CRO (contract research organisation) offers full range of custom services to develop and produce antibodies, immunoassays and bioassays: new manufacturing, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements sought in biotech, pharma, healthcare, cosmetics

Update: 2020-07-07 - Deadline: 2021-07-08

A French company as a center of excellence in monoclonal antibody research and immunoassay kit development is offering its strong expertise and know-how for custom product development and custom services to companies, research organisations or universities in the field of biotechnology, diagnostics, healthcare, cosmetics, pharmacology. The company seeks manufacturing, outsourcing and/or subcontracting agreements with companies willing to develop their own specific kits, tests or vaccines.

A Lithuanian company active in trade is looking for non-sterile medical creped paper distribution partners

Update: 2020-07-02 - Deadline: 2021-07-03

The Lithuanian company has exclusive distribution rights of non-sterile medical creped paper and is looking for business partners to work under the distribution services agreement.

Russian producer of natural berry jelly and drinks is looking for distributors

Update: 2020-07-07 - Deadline: 2021-07-08

A Russian company is engaged in the production of natural, instant, vitamin-enriched kissels, drinks that are produced without the addition of chemicals and dyes. The company is looking for reliable foreign partners from the food industry to conclude a distribution services agreement.

A Ukrainian producer of wood pellets is looking for distribution services and commercial agency agreement

Update: 2020-07-02 - Deadline: 2021-07-03

The Ukrainian company from north part of country specialized in production of wood pellets wants to conclude distribution services and commercial agency agreements with trade partners all over the world to promote and sell its products on new local markets.

French producer of milk replacers for young animals feeding is looking for distributors abroad

Update: 2020-07-07 - Deadline: 2021-07-08

A French company is specialised in the production of milk powders for young animal feeding (calves, piglets, lambs and kids). Its main activity is to source the best raw materials, formulate and mix products. The company has a large experience in selling milk replacers for animal husbandry in more than 55 countries. It aims to develop its sales abroad and provide bespoke products to partners for new markets. Distribution services agreements are sought with distributors worldwide.

Spanish Foundry which is focused aesthetic grey laminar iron cast in extra large format of DISAMATIC moulding system and porcelain enamel finishing is looking for outsourcing, subcontracting or manufacturing agreements.

Update: 2020-07-06 - Deadline: 2021-07-07

The foundry is operated by a Spanish family owned multinational industrial group established in 1956 and located in the North of Spain. The foundry cast parts for wood-gas burning appliances, biomass heating appliances, cooking devices, home cookware, urban furniture... Everything related to aesthetic grey laminar iron, whatever finishing required (raw, dressed, machined, painted, porcelain enamel, assembled…) is looking for outsourcing, subcontracting or manufacturing agreements.

A Slovenian small manufacturer of stainless steel wine equipment offers production of wine-making and cellar equipment via manufacturing agreement and is looking for agents to market their products via commercial agency agreement.

Update: 2020-07-07 - Deadline: 2021-07-08

A Slovenian small family company, from Primorska region, is a manufacturer of quality made stainless steel wine-making equipment (eg tanks, wineficators, transportation tanks, cooling plates). The company offers production of serial or custom made end products via manufacturing agreement and is looking for commercial agents to market and sell their products via commercial agency agreement.

Spanish gas detection systems manufacturer is looking for agents and distributors.

Update: 2020-07-07 - Deadline: 2021-07-08

Spanish company that designs and manufactures detection systems for carbon monoxide and other toxic and explosive gases is looking for agents and distributors to promote its products and services among integrators and installers that operate in the field of industrial installation and civil construction, especially underground car parks and road tunnels.

Danish company with cold pasteurisation system seeks agents

Update: 2020-07-06 - Deadline: 2021-07-07

A young Danish company has won numerous prizes for its innovative new cold pasteurisation system, using non-thermal ultraviolet light treatment, which increases milk quality, while reducing production time and costs. The company wishes to expand into new markets via commercial agency agreements.

A UK producer of foliar fertilisers, biostimulants and seed treatments is looking for distribution and joint venture partners with an existing complementary portfolio and expert local cropping knowledge.

Update: 2020-07-08 - Deadline: 2021-07-09

Midlands UK SME specialising in crop nutrition covering a full range of products is seeking distribution agreements with experienced partners with technical knowledge of nutrition to match requirements for their local market. Their products are well promoted and recognised in the major arable sectors of the UK. They would like to expand their offering via a distribution services agreements and are also open to joint venture partnerships.

German manufacturer of single-dose wet wipes is looking for sales partners under a distribution services agreement

Update: 2020-07-07 - Deadline: 2021-07-08

A German company with over 60 years of experience is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of single-use hygiene products such as wet wipes, sachets and stand-up pouches for cosmetics and cleaning agents. Their modern production facilities supply high quality products, available in large quantities, and at reasonable prices. They are searching sales partners in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Russia under a distribution services agreement.

Swedish MedTech SME is looking for distributors of their novel Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

Update: 2020-07-01 - Deadline: 2021-07-02

A Swedish medical technology SME has developed a single-use canister for free negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). The device and therapy is a reliable and advanced dressing that promote healing, require minimal changes and is comfortable to the patient. Typically, a diabetic foot ulcer can be healed within 5-6 weeks of treatment. The SME is seeking partners for a distribution agreement for its medical device.

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