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Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Demandas

Start-up companies from the IT sector are sought to implement the optimization and automation of conspicuity analysis at discharge sections of rainwater treatment plants

Update: 2020-06-26 – Deadline: 2020-08-21

The largest German wastewater disposal company and operator of sewage treatment plants is looking for a solution in the area of image recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the conspicuity analysis on discharge sections of rainwater treatment plants and to optimise processes. As this technology request refers to an innovation challenge for start-up companies, only start-ups are sought for technical cooperation agreements.

Start-up companies with emission and carbon free energy solutions to be implemented on a former industrial site are sought from an urban development company

Update: 2020-06-26 – Deadline: 2020-08-24

The German hub of an international company is transforming a former industrial site into an innovative circular creative workspace. The goal is to realise this with a zero emission and carbon-free energy grid. The site will be available as a test bed for energy pilot projects and new ideas. As this request is part of an open innovation challenge targeted towards start-up companies, only start-up companies with relevant energy solutions are sought for technical cooperation.

A Brussels-based, UN-founded association looking for social enterprises for social field work and capacity enhancing

Update: 2020-06-30 – Deadline: 2021-07-01

A Brussels-based international NGO is looking for partners with technological capabilities to apply their advocacy and academic knowledge in field situations. These cooperations in hardware, software and technical and human expertise will enable the NGO and its partners to provide better field services to its members and beneficiaries, most of whom are women from disadvantageous backgrounds. Partners are being sought for a services agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Water and/or air filter cartridges to be used for environmental pollutants removing

Update: 2020-07-01 – Deadline: 2021-07-02

An Italian innovative startup patented some hybrid materials for the absorption of environmental pollutants and also for the biodegradation induction of hydrocarbon pollutants spilled into the sea. The company is looking for suppliers of air and/or fresh/salted water filters, to be filled with these innovative absorbent materials, and so only the empty filter cartridges are needed. A commercial agreement with technical assistance will be proposed to suppliers of air and/or water filters.

Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Ofertas

Technology for processing fallen leaves into paper

Update: 2020-06-29 – Deadline: 2021-06-30

A Ukrainian research and production company which developed a technology for production of pulp and paper made of fallen leaves is looking for partners to establish joint venture agreement or companies who wish to use this technology under a license agreement.

Established Slovak university in cooperation with a Slovak scientific and research institute and a Slovak company has developed a new method and apparatus for contactless sensing of mechanical quantities and is looking for a licensee.

Update: 2020-06-23 – Deadline: 2021-06-24

An innovative method and apparatus for contactless sensing of mechanical quantities have been developed by a team of inventors from an established Slovak university, an established Slovak scientific and research institute and a successful Slovak company. Using the proposed method, it is possible to sense mechanical quantities such as displacement (small deformations of the elastic member) with a high accuracy. The preferred cooperation type is license agreement.

Bulgarian company offers new technology for production of energy and extraction of mineral resources from seawater for co-development and market adaptation through Joint venture agreement

Update: 2020-06-26 – Deadline: 2021-06-27

Bulgarian micro company offers patented innovation technology for the extraction of Brown’s gas /oxyhydrogen/ and minerals rich in ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals from sea/ waste water. The proposed method is displacing all deep-water technologies for extraction of minerals from sediments and nodules from the bottom of the world’s oceans. It can also be used for water waste management. Joint venture agreement for the market adaptation of this innovation and co-development is sought.

Oportunidades de cooperación empresarial: Ofertas

Russian producer of feed waste processing product is looking for distributors

Update: 2020-06-24 – Deadline: 2021-06-25

A Russian company is engaged in the production of a biological product for processing keratin-containing waste into feed protein, which is used in the agricultural industry. The company is looking for reliable partners to conclude a distribution service agreement.

COVID-19 UK design house with innovative Covid-19 protection visor that can be clipped to headwear seeks distributors or licensees

Update: 2020-06-24 – Deadline: 2021-06-25

A UK company has developed a new design of Covid-19 visors that can be fitted to a variety of headwear used by staff that that are required to wear hats or caps across the medical, catering, hospitality, security, travel, sport sectors or alternatively educational establishments where children are required to wear hats or caps that traditional solutions cannot be attached to. The company are either seeking a distribution services agreement or alternatively a licensing agreement.