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Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Búsquedas de Socios

H2020-SU-FCT02: A Greek SME is looking for stadiums and big events organizers to participate as end-users in a proposal to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism

Update: 2020-06-16 - Deadline: 2020-08-01

A Greek SME active in the fields of services in digital strategy & consulting, information technology, product and services development is looking for stadiums and big events organizers to participate as end users in a proposal under H2020-SU-FCT02 for technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism. The type of partnership will be research cooperation agreement.

UK neuroscience company developing AI medical software to detect early signs of cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer's disease is looking for a partner to apply to the Eureka Healthy Ageing call

Update: 2020-06-17 - Deadline: 2020-07-31

The UK company based in London has developed a patented, artificial intelligence-based software that provides a five-minute test of cognitive ability, reducing time and costs associated with dementia diagnosis & care. They are looking to partner under a research cooperation agreement with an organisation with an interest in dementia detection in order to refine their ICA under the Eureka Healthy Ageing call aimed at developing digital health tools to promote healthy ageing.

Oportunidades de cooperación tecnológica: Ofertas

The Installation set of materials (ISM) for the Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (IT AC DTIP)

Update: 2020-06-17 - Deadline: 2021-06-18

A Ukrainian scientist, Doctor of Engineering, has founded a new network science-intensive technology with many applications designed to solve problems of effective control of discrete processes for different purposes. It allows to find optimal strategies of control of many discrete technological and information processes (DTIPs) that can be endless stationary, limited in time. The scientist offers license agreements to industrial partners.

Modular visibility and network access control solution

Update: 2020-06-23 - Deadline: 2021-06-24

Spanish manufacturer of security software solutions has developed a modular visibility and access control solution for corporate networks. This innovative solution with a modular approach allows to know information and operational technology devices connected to the network, achieving implementation processes to be fast and simple and preventing impact on productive environments during deployment. The company is looking for license agreements.

Graphene for various applications offered

Update: 2020-06-19 - Deadline: 2021-06-20

A company from Western Poland specialised in production of graphene is looking for industrial and R&D partners interested in further development of the product (e.g. looking for new applications as well as testing the existing ones in real-life conditions). The offered graphene products are characterised by much better properties than the ones obtained in traditional way. The cooperation will be in the form of research or technical cooperation agreements.

Patient reported outcome app for cognitive function self-assessment

Update: 2020-06-22 - Deadline: 2021-06-23

An Italian research center specialized in oncology has developed a novel tool for the evaluation of cognitive impairment that interfere with optimum quality of life. A 18 items questionnaire with score correlated to clinical outcome and indications will be configured in an app for patient reported outcome, allowing remote monitoring. The research group is looking for technical agreements or licensing with companies that develop apps for medical applications.

A French SME specializing in smart semantic and linguistic analysis is looking for value-added resellers, systems integrators, providers

Update: 2020-06-18 - Deadline: 2021-06-19

A French SME proposes a technology to rapidly detect texts and spoken content related to potential threats in multiple languages. The solution is also used to identify critical incidents for emergency response, to anticipate changes and innovations through yield optimization tools for industrial purposes and for all legal aspects with a textual information system. The company is looking for partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A German IT-company specialized on data management for master data and operational transaction data is looking for commercial partners

Update: 2020-06-23 - Deadline: 2021-06-24

A German IT-company developed a data management platform for merging master data (e.g. customer data) and operational transaction data from any silo systems (interoperability or EU data protection / GDPR) with support of artificial intelligence and record linkage algorithms. The company is looking for system integrators, value added resellers (VAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with own customers as partners under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Italian company is offering a software application to help hospital workers to battle against Covid-19 and save their own lives

Update: 2020-06-16 - Deadline: 2021-06-17

Italy based company operating in the fields such as robotics, virtual and augmented reality for health and wellness sectors is offering a software to face with Covid-19 inside of a hospital and thus eliminate the nurses', doctors' and all hostipal staff's possible virus infection and minimizing the use of personal protective equipement. Hence, the company is looking for an interested entity to sign a long term commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Automatic human detection system based on computer vision techniques suitable for surveillance, driver assistance systems or aerial images analysis

Update: 2020-06-16 - Deadline: 2021-06-17

A Spanish University has developed a unique system to automatically detect human presence. It uses image analysis algorithms to process the images recorded by the cameras, regardless of physical appearance, including algorithms for visible spectrum cameras and far-infrared cameras. Companies specialized in security and surveillance systems, driver assistance systems, or aerial image analysis sectors are searched for developing and testing a prototype under financial agreement.

A novel liquid crystal microlens array with tunable capacity

Update: 2020-06-23 - Deadline: 2021-06-24

A Spanish university has developed a novel device that consists of a micrometric structure formed by the action of several intertwined electrode combs. The shape and the focal point of the microlenses are tunable by means of the individual voltage control of each comb. It has been designed for autostereoscopic and plenoptic capture systems. In order to further develop this technology, the university is looking for partners to work under technical cooperation, license or financial agreement.

Power over fiber technology for energy transmission in extreme environments for its application in wind farms or power plants

Update: 2020-06-23 - Deadline: 2021-06-24

A Spanish University has developed a new smart energy technology: a power-over-fiber system based on optical fibers for data transmission and remote powering. Insensitive to high magnetic fields, it’s ideal in extreme areas with high electromagnetic interferences or lightning protection. The University is seeking companies manufacturing wind turbines or monitoring power plants to develop a prototype adapted to their needs under financial or technical cooperation agreement.

Oportunidades de cooperación empresarial: Ofertas

Russian developer of industrial robotics is looking for foreign distributors.

Update: 2020-06-22 - Deadline: 2021-06-23

A Russian company is engaged in the development of industrial robots that are able to perform any routine work in production without people. Robots are used in various fields of industry: automotive, aviation, metallurgy, etc. The Russian company is looking for reliable partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.

An Israeli company that has developed an IoT based container monitoring device is looking for distributors.

Update: 2020-06-17 - Deadline: 2021-06-18

This Israeli company has developed an IoT based container level monitoring device that serves as an end unit within a cloud monitoring solution. The system generates real time data, reports and alerts. It can be used in order to optimise waste collection routes, fertilisers refill routes (in agriculture) or food refill routes ( animal farming). By optimising the routes, the system saves costs. The company is seeking to expand its its international activity and is therefore seeking distributors.

Israeli company with radio frequency (RF) based presence and fall detection device, for remote monitoring of elderly seeks distributors

Update: 2020-06-17 - Deadline: 2021-06-18

An Israeli company has developed an RF (radio frequency) based presence and fall detection device, for remote monitoring of elderly people. After a simple installation, it begins to monitor the environment. If a fall is detected, it automatically conducts a call to a pre-defined caregiver for help. The device maintains full privacy (no cameras). The product is more than 97% accurate. The company is looking for distributors with experience in selling to the healthcare sector.